Growth oriented product design

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Now in: Glasgow

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May 2023

Redefining the travel experience with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines App Challenge Semi-finalist 2019

I'm James, a digital designer working across Berlin. I help start-ups connect with their customers in meaningful ways, build design systems tailored to a product's needs and align teams to see their users from the same perspective.


Designing to fund a bad travel habit

Released: 21 December 2021

A scaleable web design system for Kontist

Kontist’s web design system built in Figma - using atomic component principles to improve the developer experience and reduce time to market.

Minimising the impact of Covid-19

Building a new online grocery service with the fine folks at Eusebi’s to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on Glasgow’s favourite deli.

Hackathon Winner 2021 - Smart tax tips

Exploring how to provide more value to users of the Kontist Steuerservice. With AI, Kontist Smart offers tax saving tips based on your spending history.

Re-positioning & taking the studio outdoors

A full re-brand and positional shift for Simons Studio - changing the perception of wedding photography to increase sense of adventure.

Logo reel 2021

A small collection of brand identities created for some good people. Leading the design process and telling effective brand stories across key customer touchpoints.

Conversion Driven Homepage Testing

Increasing conversion rates across the website with monthly testing, validation and iteration for Germany’s freelance focused tax & banking solution.

Welcome to the jungle playground

Fragments of larger projects, personal work, photography and some happy accidents discovered along the way. Coming soon.

Bringing the real taste of Italy to Glasgow

Crafting a scaleable brand identity and website for The San Lorenzo Bakery as they prepare to launch in the United Kingdom

Re-connecting with Kontist’s users

A shareable persona template based on user interviews for product teams at Kontist - focusing on fears and beliefs instead of lower-value demographic data.

Re-framing tattoo removal with Inkvisible

Brand, strategy and web design for Scotland's premier laser clinic. Increasing trust amongst users who experience tattoo regret.

I believe in hypothesis driven testing...

Focusing on outcomes rather than outputs and expressing assumptions in a testable form.

Working lean,

Driven by data, testing assumptions and validating ideas through constant iteration. Experimention is key.

...and playing as a team

Conversion rate optimisation with Kontist